Panther Guitars is an on-line reseller of quality guitars at discount prices.  Many of our pieces are new, and out-of- stock everywhere but here.   Some of our pieces are shown on Reverb, and Ebay as well.  All may be purchased here.  However we do not break Ebay or Reverb rules, and pay the fair fee to them.  If you first arrive here, or buy through this site, then we sell directly to you. 


Sales: 609-921-9190   


Panther Guitars is a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of New Jersey (LLC) that sells Gibson Custom Shop  Guitars - hand picked and hard-to-find, as well as other brands.  They are 100% guaranteed genuine.  Our sources are reliable long standing traders in Gibson guitars.  Many of our guitars are in New Condition as from the Gibson factory complete in all aspects including the Gibson Tag Matched Carton.  You will probably not see tops like this in regular retail stores. We have been in business for 20 years with a perfect satisfaction record on Ebay.    We sell direct, to you  via FedEx- insured.  Satisfaction or money back is always guaranteed.  We post Hi-Res photos of each piece so you can see what you are getting.  We cannot offer a Gibson Warranty simply because we are collectors not authorized dealers but we can save you money.  We sell direct at a small markup  without restriction - therefore the buyer saves money.  And rest assured:  we stand behind what we sell.   Please contact us for information about any guitar. Thanks from Panther.