We want you to be happy.  If you don't like the guitar that you have purchased, you may return it within 14 days of purchase,  for full refund.  Because we are a small firm, we would ask you to pay the return shipping unless the guitar is defective.  If that is the case we will pay for the entire round-trip shipping.

If the guitar arrives damaged.  We will ask you to return it, or to do as FedEx instructs us to do.  We will deal with FedEx, and submit a full refund to you upon receipt of the damaged goods.  If the damage is minor, such as a toggle switch you may have your choice- return, or we will pay for the repair. 

We do not want unhappy customers, and you will never get "stuck" with us.  The web site is new but we have been around a while.  For references I think our best source would be Ebay feedback.  About 1100 sales with a 100% satisfaction rate.  Also the Les Paul Forum has said good things about us.