2016 Gibson Danger Burst True Historic Les Paul 1959 Standard Light 7lb14oz Aged Case*607-rt6y4

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2016 Gibson Danger Burst True Historic Les Paul 1959 Standard Light 7lb14oz Aged Case*607-rt6y4


This is a brand new Gibson Les Paul 1959 R9 Collectors Choice CC#45 Danger Burst.  Weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces.  Being a True Historic goes the extra mile to copy the originals.  Some of the features are listed below as taken from the Gibson website.  This is a brand new guitar without a Gibson Warranty.  However we stand behind everything that we sell.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Returns if not as described. In other cases may be a  restocking fee.  From Gibson web site:

  • Plastics: True Historic Plastics for True '50's Detail
  • Top and Neck: Double-Carved Top and Neck
  • Finish: Thin, Wet-Sanded Nitro Finish
  • Pickup Covers: True Historic Covers for the Correct Vintage PAF Shape
  • Fingerboard Binding: Rolled by Hand for a Smooth Feel
  • Playing Wear: Hand Aged to Capture "Danger 'Burst's" Unique Personality
  • Pickups: Specially-Wound Custom Bucker PAFs
  • Pegged Detail: "Broken" Edges for the Correct Smooth Vintage Feel
  • Construction Techniques: '50s-era Hide-glue Construction
  • Historic Truss Rod: A Tubeless '50s-era Truss Rod


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